The Journey to Europe


After 9 years being missionaries to the US, we will travel in the beginning of May to Europe for -what we like to call ‘The Journey to Europe’. During this time we will visit our family members and friends, of which many of them we haven’t seen for years. We plan also to go to the many Victory Outreach Churches that are in Europe and to see what God is doing in these Inner-Cities.
Our journey has a purpose and at the same time we go with a two-fold mission; we want to see a Urban Training Center in Europe and help built a base.

As we travel, we like to keep you updated of our ‘adventures’ and ask to keep our family in your prayers for travel mercy while we are in Europe, and that we are able to return safe to our home church Victory Outreach San Diego.

You can follow us on Twitter as well as on this blog.

To Be Continued…..


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4 responses to “The Journey to Europe

  1. Robert Muro

    It’s hard to see you leave Pastor…but at the same time I’m excited to see what the future holds. You a driven with a passion to serve God at all cost. You have been willing to lay down your life everyday since you responded to the call of God on your life. I will follow you and continue to see what God is going to do.

    A UTC in Europe…that’s going to be awesome. Love you Pastor! Keep going forward. You really push me to reach my full potential in life. Because of your exampleship…I strive to be an example to those that God has placed in front of me. I’ll do my best to hold up the banner of principles that you have instilled within my life. Thank you Pastor. You are definitely a man of Vision, Intention, Wisdom, Strong Family Values, Mission Minded and Self Sacrificing.

  2. Lydia S.

    You two are such a blessing. You have a Whatever it takes heart! Thanks for keepin us posted, we follow you on your journey with prayer.

  3. Hey p.patrick and family! Just a quick note to let you know I will be praying for your Journey and a grateful thank you for working with me with the few students I was able to send to you. Taisha is doing great and sends her love! Be blessed and have a great time in EUROPA


  4. Nikki

    Hi Pastor Patrick & Sis. Cindy!

    Had a great time yesterday at La Bellas. Wish we were able to spend more 1 on 1 time but looking forward to keeping in touch on Skype. I can’t wait till you come back home! I can taste the strop waffels and shoarma already!! Hope I spelled that right! 😛
    Will continue to keep up with you to in your journey on your blogs! Love you guys! You’re the best!


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