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A Weekend in Heerlen


Pastor Devid and Ruth Fecunda

This month Cindy and myself had the privilege to minister a weekend in Heerlen at the Victory Outreach Church. The pastors of VO Heerlen Devid and Ruth Fecunda are a visionary couple with 3 beautiful and energetic daughters. The church has great potential, it is a young adult church with very talented and anointed members. The congregation is a unique mixture of many nations and different languages. While we ministered translation was simultaneous taken place in Dutch and Spanish, and we met people from Belgium, Indonesia, Korea, Curaçao, Poland, Rwanda, Burundi and the US.


The VO Heerlen Team

In 2001 the city Heerlen came in the news because of ‘Operation Hartslag’ (Operation Heartbeat). A campaign the city started because of the many problems they faced; prostitution, dealers, runners, drug tourists and addicts. The city received many rewards for her approach, but I believe that in the mean while God was preparing this great couple to catch His Heartbeat for the city. Where the city re-located, regulated and even tolerated the problems, God sent His son Jesus Christ to solve the problems, and bring hope and salvation to hurting people.


A ‘crack house’ in Heerlen

Pastor Devid understands that Heerlen is a strategic city. Recently they started a church in Maastricht, a mayor city 21 minutes from Heerlen. There is not only vision for Holland but also for Aachen, Germany which is only 21 minutes, and Liège, Belgium 41 minutes away by car. By building a base in Heerlen he believes that they can become a launching pad for churches throughout Europe.


Aachen, Germany

During our stay in Heerlen we had a great time, we enjoyed the fellowship we had, the friendships we made and were truly blessed by the hospitality of the people. Victory Outreach Heerlen has captured a place in our heart and we can’t wait to see what God will do in the future in and through the people of VO Heerlen.

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